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Join us for TWO WEEKS of online presentations from U.S. federal agencies & learn about current federal regulations and updates, classification, and essential import/export information.

New for 2023 - We will have sessions from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Headquarters Offices, CTPAT, Fines, Penalties & Forfeitures, and Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers).  The Centers serve as resources to the broader trade community and to CBP’s U.S. government partners. Center personnel are strategically located at the Ports of Entry across the nation to perform post-summary processing of entry summaries, answer questions, provide information and develop comprehensive trade facilitation strategies to address uniformity and compliance concerns.  

We will also have webinars from other government agencies to include Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and Department of Transportation (DOT)

Webinar topics will encompass CTPAT, Forced Labor Enforcement Overview, E-Commerce, Broker Regulatory Updates, IPR & Trademark Policy, U.S. Plant Pest Pressures, Importing Alcoholic Beverages into the United States and many more.

Participating Centers:

  • Agriculture & Prepared Products: Managed by the Miami Field Office, specializes in agriculture, aquaculture, animal products, vegetable products, prepared foods, beverages, alcohol, tobacco or similar industries.
  • Apparel, Footwear & Textiles: Managed by the San Francisco Field Office, specializes in wearing apparel, footwear, textile mill products, or similar industries.
  • Automotive & Aerospace: Managed by the Detroit Field Office, specializes in automotive, aerospace, or other transportation equipment and related parts industries. 
  • Base Metals: Managed by the Chicago Field Office, specializes in steel, steel mill products, ferrous and nonferrous metal, or similar industries. 
  • Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising: managed by the Atlanta Field Office, specializes in household goods, consumer products, or similar industries and mass merchandisers of products typically sold for home use.
  • Electronics: Managed by the Los Angeles Field Office, specializes in information technology, integrated circuits, automated data processing equipment, and consumer electronics.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Materials: Managed by the Buffalo Field Office, specializes in plastics, polymers, rubber, leather, wood, paper, stone, glass, precious stones and precious metals, or similar industries. 
  • Machinery: Managed by the Laredo Field Office, specializes in tools, machine tools, production equipment, instruments, or similar industries.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Health & Chemicals: Managed by the New York Field Office, specializes in pharmaceuticals, health-related equipment, and products of the chemical and allied industries. 


May 15          Opening Remarks – International Trade Weeks
10:00 a.m.     Ivan Barrios, President, World Trade Center Miami
                      Sal Ingrassia, Miami/Tampa Field Office, Acting Director Field Operations, Customs and Border Protection

                      Session ONE: CBP – Agriculture & Prepared Products (APP) Center
                      Topic: Forced Labor Related to the APP Center
                      Speaker: Gary Melofchik, Assistant Center Director, Partnership

May 15          Session TWO: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
2:00 p.m.       Topic: Importing Alcoholic Beverages to the United States
                      Speaker: Ned Torres, Investigator   

May 16          Session THREE: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
10:00 a.m.     Topic: Plant Pest Pressures: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
                      Speaker: Richard Miranda, State Plant Health Director, USDA-APHIS-PPQ

May 16          Session FOUR: CBP – Industrial & Manufacturing Materials (IMM) Center
2:00 p.m.       Topic: Antidumping & Countervailing Duties (AD/CVD) Overview
                      Speakers: Nicholas Bishop, Supervisory Import Specialist; Allysha Allen, Import Specialist

May 17          Session FIVE: CBP – Machinery Center
10:00 a.m.     Topic: Machinery Center Importation Requirements
                      Speakers: Todd Q. Turner, Import Specialist; Lorena McIntyre, Import Specialist
May 17          Session SIX: Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)                                                                                        
2:00 p.m.       Topic: Update on CPSC’s Message Set, “e-Filing”     
                      Speaker: Arthur Laciak, eFiling Program Specialist, Office of Import Surveillance, CPSC

May 18          Session SEVEN: CBP Headquarters – Intellectual Property Enforcement Branch and IPR Policy
10:00 a.m.     Topic: CBP’s Role in IPR Enforcement at the Border
                      Speakers: Elizabeth “Beth” Jenior, Attorney-Advisor, IP Enforcement Branch, Regulations and Rulings;
                      Jessica Weeks, IPR Policy Branch Chief, IPR Division, Trade Policy and Programs
May 18          Session EIGHT: CBP Headquarters – e-Commerce
1:00 p.m.       Topic: De Minimis
                      Speaker: Christine Hogue, Branch Chief

May 18          Session NINE: CBP – Apparel, Footwear & Textiles (AFT) Center
3:00 p.m.       Topic: Broker Management
                      Speaker: Andrew Vaz, Customs Entry Officer

May 19          Session TEN: CBP – Pharmaceuticals, Health & Chemicals (PHC) Center
10:00 a.m.     Topic: Partner Government Agency Collaboration
                      Speaker: Sarah Sawyer, Supervisory Import Specialist

May 19          Session ELEVEN: CBP – Base Metals Center
2:00 p.m.       Topic: Base Metals Center Overview
                      Speaker: Cesar Salgado, Supervisory Import Specialist

May 22          Session TWELVE: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)
10:00 a.m.     Topic: Land Rover Defender Importation Eligibility 
                      Speaker: Brian Costello, Automotive Enforcement Specialist, NHTSA, Import and Certification Division

May 22          Session THIRTEEN: CBP – Automotive & Aerospace (AA) Center
2:00 p.m.       Topic: Tires and Wheels
                      Speaker: Christopher A. Hughes, Import Specialist

May 23          Session FOURTEEN: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
10:00 a.m.     Topic: An Overview of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Office of Law Enforcement
                      Speaker: Bruce Walker, Wildlife Inspector

May 23           Session FIFTEEN: CBP Headquarters – Forced Labor Division    
2:00 p.m.        Topic: Forced Labor Enforcement Overview and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act
                       Speakers: Gregory H. Newton, Branch Chief, Forced Labor Division, Office of Trade;
                       Jeffrey Franz, International Trade Analyst, Forced Labor Division, Office of Trade

May 24            Session SIXTEEN: CBP – Miami CTPAT Field Office
10:00 a.m.       Topic: CTPAT State of the Program – Current Efforts, Benefits, and Return on Investment (ROI)     
                        Speaker: Raymond Monzon, Supervisory Supply Chain Security Specialist

May 24            Session SEVENTEEN: CBP Headquarters – Trade Policy & Programs
1:00 p.m.         Topic: 19 CFR 111 Broker Regulatory Updates
                        Speaker: Kim Mack, International Trade Specialist, Broker Management Branch 
May 24            Session EIGHTEEN: CBP – Electronics Center                                           
3:00 p.m.         Topic: Telematics device; Telemetry device; Fleet management device; Fleet tracker; Asset tracker; Cargo tracker
                        Speaker: Michael Stevens, Supervisory Import Specialist

May 25            Session NINETEEN: CBP – Fines, Penalties & Forfeitures (FP&F) Office
10:00 a.m.       Topic: Introduction to Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures
                        Speakers: Lorena Silva, Chief Paralegal Specialist; Sonia Hedditch, Supervisory Paralegal Specialist 
May 25             Session TWENTY: Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
2:00 p.m.          Topic: Foreign Supplier Verification Program Overview and Resources
                         Speaker: Coral del Mar Lopez, Compliance Officer

May 26             Session TWENTY ONE: CBP – Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising (CPMM) Center
10:00 a.m.        Topic: Trade and Commercial Operations
                         Speaker: Jordan Ribis, Import Specialist

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